Sly Antics – Bin Juice Single Launch Live Review

29th June, Night People, Manchester

There will never be anything as satisfying as watching a band fresh from their inception as they evolve. Sly Antics may have played a blinder at their single launch of Sunday Fear back in March 2018, but they may as well have robbed the crowd of all their senses with the launch of their latest single Bin Juice (It’s definitely not rubbish).

There is very little that will shock me these days thanks to my time spent reviewing bands who are trying to assimilate their predecessors; I’ve become a little jaded. Yet, hearing the rapturously prodigal soundscape of their new single is enough to make me pretty damn excited. The Funk-addled Alt Rock powerhouse proved that we definitely haven’t seen it all when it comes to guitar music. I may have described Sly Antics as emerging last time I saw them, it’s safe to say they’ve now emerged.

Their latest single Bin Juice is alive with simultaneously popping and grinding instrumentals the end result is anything but flat, the genius behind the composition bleeds through the raucously unpredictable rhythms. In short, Sly Antics are as sexy as Alex Turner wishes he was.

To top it off, each of the band members possess a playful enigmatic humility which makes them an absolute delight to witness. There may have been hesitation in the crowd to flood to the front for the two support acts, yet as soon as they opened their set the pure magnetism pulled everyone forward. All professionalism flew out of the window for me as I immersed myself in the hyped up crowd eager to drink in the infectiously gruff vocals of Sam whose guitar riffs proved that his talent doesn’t just stop with his voice box.

Although, perhaps I’m giving Sly Antics too much credit, perhaps it was the bin juice handed out curtesy of a crack fox that got led the crowd into a state of pure aural admiration.

You can check out Sly Antics latest single Bin Juice which was released June 23rd on Spotify now.

If you missed their single launch at Night People, you’ll understandably be gutted and want to find out where to catch them, head on over to Sly Antics’ official website now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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