Slow down with Hunter & Girton’s folk-tinged alt-rock single, Fast World

Hunter & Girton

With piano melodies just as haunting as the scores on Westworld, the sombre vibrato vocals, cuttingly atmospheric guitars and the lyrics that tear through the polarity that has distanced and disillusioned us all, Hunter & Girton’s latest single, Fast World, is an evocative masterpiece.

We can be counted as gratified for the band’s step away from the touring circuit and into the studio to release singles such as Fast World, which acts as a harrowing sign of the times. Conceptually, there are a fair few reminiscences to the iconic Mad World, but Hunter & Girton’s cutting dissection of contemporary society is enough to make you long for the Mad World that Tears For Fears warned us about in 1982.

Yet, through the resonance that is delivered hand over metaphorically harbingering fist, it’s hard to find anything but intense satisfaction after hearing the ordinarily-alienating ennui at the centre of this feat of pensive panache.

Naturally, we can’t wait to hear what follows from the rural Indiana-hailing folk-infused alt-rock duo. Fast World is almost enough to make up for Editors giving up the ghost on their latest album.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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