‘Sleep Safe and Warm’ is the theme from Rosemary’s Baby (Komeda) – Adam Simmons | Jean Poole

Sleep Safe and Warm‘ is the Jazzy delightful theme from Rosemary’s Baby (Komeda) – Adam Simmons and Jean Poole.

This is the second single release from ‘Zatoczka – Tribute to Komeda‘ – and famously known for being the theme from Roman Polanski’s film Rosemary’s Baby. 2019 was 50 years since the untimely passing of legendary Polish jazz pianist and film composer Krzysztof Komeda and, to mark the occasion, celebrated Australian saxophonist Adam Simmons produced a large-ensemble tribute to the musician in collaboration with video artist, Jean Poole. The team effort has been a fantastic success due to the quality of the music.

Zatoczka – Tribute to Komeda‘ is the resulting album captures the magic from the concert, which saw Adam Simmons’ 8-piece Creative Music Ensemble joined by legendary Australian pianist Tony Gould and masterful vocalist Deborah Kayser.

Adam Simmons and Jean Poole bring us a beautiful song and the video matches the aura. The young boy is learning about the world as he walks around and seeks to be safe around himself. This is a stunning song and I feel so relaxed with the jazzy energy and occasional vocals that hit the spot. ‘Sleep Safe and Warm‘ is a work of art in a troubled year for the world. With 11 artists and team members featuring here, this is a true team effort.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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