Sky Kid Releases Brand New Track “Riddim”

Sky Kid is a young rapper with a big dream from Caribbean Saint John’s Antigua. His passion for music, shown at a very young age, has lead him to pursue his dreams and ambition through rap music. His latest song “Riddim,” in fact shows his true potential and natural inclination towards this sound, featuring a blend of rap, hip-hop and trap with a sweet underlying melody and luscious harmonies. This debut single also tackles the controversial love story between a single guy and a married woman.

From the start of the song, the cool harmonies and steady driving rhythms create a relaxed atmosphere which keeps providing a solid backdrop for the lyrics which are all about the guy’s perspective in this story. Contrasting and complementing the rap verses the song also features a more melodic chorus with phrases that are simplistic yet very to the point. The strong rap flow in the verses is highlighted with occasional background vocal and other digital effect punctuations which create further rhythmic interest throughout. Apart from this, the vocal tone quality in performance remains natural and expressive, allowing the music to never fall into monotony. At this point Sky Kid is definitely reaching for the top and his music clearly explains this better than words can.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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