Sky Empire – The Wind The Sand The Stars: Palpitatingly Progressive Thrash Metal

Sky Empire has just released their latest single from their debut album ‘the Dark Tower’, it’s monolithic metal fury is something you’re going to have to check out. If you put Iron Maiden, Mushroomhead and Slayer’s music in a blender the juice may sound like the Sky Empires rhythm-soaked metal anthem The Wind The Stand The Stars.

With a 9-minute track there was plenty of space to pour in some of the heaviest, soaring riffs I’ve ever heard. The instrumental breakdowns are quite frankly the stuff of a metal fanatics wet dreams. Mid-track Sky Empire decides to take us down a Symphonic Death Metal route (if you’ve never discovered Symphonic Death Metal, you’re welcome.) which creates a heavily immersive and progressive sound which never falters. Even toward the ending your treated to a raucously tight drum roll that never seems to relent. The vocalist is just the cherry on the cake with his slightly Bruce Dickinson vocal style mixed with a slight grunge influence.

To check out The Wind The Sand The Stars which was released on March 8th, 2018 head on over to YouTube

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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