SKKYYY flourish the airwaves with debut love song ”Can i get with you”

Can i get with you” is the debut song from the exciting SKKYYY group. With a funky cool and fresh name, this is their very first song that is a lovely entry into the music world.

This is a dream catcher love story with indie-electronic soul persuasions. This feels like a demo introduction and to get their feet wet in this wild music game. The vocals have a jazz-tingled vibe that carries through the whole song. The feeling is very upbeat and positive throughout the song with lots of high notes vocally.

SKKYYY are launched into the world music scene with their debut song ”Can i get with you” that is frenetic in energy and wonderfully executed in nature. For a debut release, they have made quite an impression first up out the gates. This a group with a fine future and more exciting music awaits.

Stream this debut track on their Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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