Skinny the Apocalypse – The Digital Self: Lucidly Progressive Industrial EDM

Skinny the Apocalypse are back with their latest single The Digital Self; a mash up of Prog Rock and Industrious EDM. The end result? Mind blowing.

The harsh, haunted macabre ensembles progress seamlessly throughout the mix, creating a resonance that really draws you into the melodies, especially when they start to throw you off with extended, intricately sublime guitar riffs around the digital effects. Whilst the lyrics don’t really add much to the mix due to their sporadic placements, and lack of contingency, they add the perfect touch of humanity in an otherwise mechanically dominated track. I’ve spent my life listening to EDM and never come across a sound as progressive and prodigal as what Skinny the Apocalypse have cooked up.

It’s easy to get lost within the lucid mix, combined with the music video, you’re in for one hell of a trip! You can check out Skinny the Apocalypse’s latest track The Digital Self for yourself over on YouTube.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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