SixPortalz wraps their heartbreak around 808s in their Alt Indie Trap track “Welfed”

SixPortalz dropped their playfully pensive Alt Indie Trap hit Welfed on October 18th, they definitely made no bones about stamping down their evocatively nerdy signature style.

The raw volatility of the track may mean that Welfed isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But anyone looking for abrasively recognisable emotions wrapped up in a melodically lo-fi production will find plenty to get enamoured by with Welfed.

The track reveals intimate shame-laden thoughts which all too infrequently get projected back at us, but through their humility, SixPortalz unapologetically offered an olive branch of connection, an invitation to crawl out of the insecurity which romantic catastrophe left you lingering in. Additionally, any track with an Invader Zim reference is a winner in our book.

You can check out Welfed for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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