Singer-songwriter John Witherspoon set to release new single ‘My Dad’

“I was talking just like my dad” is what Liverpool singer-songwriter John Witherspoon sings in his latest single “My dad”.

You may call it a pop ballad, with acoustic guitar and piano harmonies opening up to the narration of real happenings and juvenile memories that show gratitude to his father. But this is not an elementary acoustic-pop ballad where all elements stay unchanged because John plays with rhythms, pauses, melodies, especially in the final bridge where a surfacing organ widens the harmony in the remaining seconds of the song.

Being from Liverpool might have instilled some specific music background in John, with The Beatles playing a huge part in his education as well as the song-writing. However, from the way he structures his songs, it is not to be excluded that he may have drawn much inspiration from artists such as Bob Dylan and Paul Simon – all the good stuff, if you get the point.

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Review By Jim Esposito

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