Simon White – Know Your Name: The Prodigal Son of Hip Hop Returns With a Brand-New Single

Simon White is an up and coming Hip Hop Rap Pop producer and vocalist from  Durham, North Carolina. The fresh faced 21-year-old urban artist has seemingly perfected his craft to the standard which producers with decades of experience could only aspire to. His natural rhythmic flow leaves a lot for other artists on the scene to envy. His latest track Know Your Name was dropped February 2018, it translates to a refreshingly romantic RnB medley of soulful vocals and poignant lyrics. I really can’t exaggerate how refreshing his lyrical approach is in the Hip-Hop scene, to find an urban artist with real respect for women is like finding a needle in a haystack. For that reason, Simon White has achieved official legend status with me, yet the beats are just as flawless, they flow with a fusion of hype entwined within the perfectly polished Trap beats that snap behind his awe inspiring vocal delivery.

You can check out Simon White’s latest drop Know Your Name on SoundCloud using the link below:

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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