Simon on the Moon – Milk: Genre-Defying Aural Magnetism

Simon on the Moon has recently released his most infectious indietronica hit yet. “Milk” is a genre-defying smorgasbord of sound ranging from Indie to Electro to R&B. The infusion of sounds creates a dizzying cocktail of viscerally light arrangements similar to what we heard from the up and coming artist’s first single “Hooked”. Yet, despite the melodicism of Milk, the ambient beat still carves out plenty of funk. If there are any up and coming artists you should be putting on your radar in 2019, it’s Simon on the Moon. His ability to create lyrically smooth soundscapes is matched by his pitch-perfect vocals which feed into the melody with layers of harmony. Whilst Milk is undeniably experimental and shows plenty of curve-creating prodigal flair, it’s still accessible enough to slip into from the first verse.

You can check out Simon on the Moon’s latest single Milk for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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