Silly Love: Faith Louise drops dynamically reflective romantic love letter on 8th single Heartbreak

After last exhilarating us with her previous single Summer Fun, Faith Louise performs with maturing excellence on a love story which will tangle many souls into a web of wonder on Heartbreak.

Faith Louise is an Essex, UK-based pop singer-songwriter phenomenon which has released 7 successful singles and is signed to Regent Street Records.

It is a song about the unsureness and worry of your heart being broken in a relationship that’s actually a really healthy one. It explores the confusion of why such a good person has entered your life, and how the mind thinks about the what-ifs and maybes. All feelings many of us feel and can hopefully connect to whilst listening to the song.” ~ Faith Louise

Wondering how this love will conquer the moment when she doesn’t give it up quickly, Faith Louise sings with honesty and courageousness in this revealing message.

With exquisite vocals and a range that could make many listen twice, this is a rather lovely effort from such a caring heart who is in a dream of introspection.

Heartbreak from Essex, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter Faith Louise is a sensational track which is surely cinematic in nature. Feeling stuck for a moment and wondering what the future is holding, we are opened up to a stunning performance by one of the most imaginative artists in the game.

Turn this up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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