Silas Luster – moldamensions: Transcendentally Indulgent Hip Hop

If your playlists are severely lacking in transcendentally trippy Hip Hop which is deftly effective in transporting you to a slightly ominous yet infinitely enthralling soundscape, look no further than Silas Luster’s latest single “moldamensions”.

While the beats to the track may be experimentally wavy, Silas Luster has gone with a more traditional approach with his commanding Hip Hop bars which flow with unadulterated lyrical ingenuity. The mix of clever relatable sentiments and ease of flow transforms moldamensions into a hit with a huge amount of potential. Silas Luster may be an up and coming artist at the moment, but it is perceptibly clear that he has the style and prodigal flair to make waves in the contemporary Hip Hop scene. God knows we don’t need any more Trap artists who don’t know how to experiment with effects to save their lives.

You can check out Silas Luster’s latest single moldamensions out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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