Shir Tal-Ezer has released the most intense ballad of the year with ‘I Don’t Know How to Let Go’.

Shir Tal-Ezer tells the time-old tale of our human incapacity to let go with her phenomenal contemporary ballad ‘I Don’t Know How to Let Go’.

The singer-songwriter incorporated stabbing neo-classic keys, searing rock n roll guitar solos and stomach-churning crescendos alongside her conversational balladic vocals for maximum evocative impact. The progressive single ensures that your rhythmic pulses are intrinsically combined with the bitter-sweet melodies. The unpredictable time signatures and progressions leave you broadsided every time the soundscape takes another dramatic turn. Calling Shir Tal-Ezer’s single ingenious is far from hyperbolic.

I Don’t Know How to Let Go is now available to stream on Spotify. Or, you can check out the official music video here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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