Sheldon Johnson – Arizona: An Artisan Blend of Trap, Electronica & Alt Rock

Hazy Alt Hip Hop doesn’t get much more arrestive than what you’ll find in the 2019 album “Suburban Wolf” from up and coming Nebraska-based artist Sheldon Johnson.

While each track is a sublime artisan mix of genres including Hip Hop, Synth Pop, and Rock, the perfect introduction to Sheldon Johnson’s mesmerising pioneering sound is the track “Arizona”.

The lush wavy reverb borders on hypnotic while the deep throbbing basslines provide plenty of structure to the quite literally unforgettable track. Expect the sticky-sweet melodies in Arizona to stick to your synapses for days.

If it sounds like we’re overly excitable over Arizona, you’ll soon see that the exuberance is more than justified when you taste the ingenuity in the mix for yourselves.

You can check out Arizona along with the rest of their album by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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