Shedding the pain away forever: eJH drops inspirational new single ‘Shed (F.T.P.H.)’

eJH is back with more realness on his spectacular new single that goes beyond music via ‘Shed (F.T.P.H.)’.

Enrique Jesus Hernandez III aka eJH, is an indie-electronic artist from Spanish Harlem in New York. He has had an ear for music since an early age- thanks to the patient guidance of his single mother- and this passion for creating, has only intensified as he has grown older.

After speaking up about violent domestic abuse and what him and his mother went through on his previous release ‘Hunger‘, this courageous stance has opened his eyes up to so much more than what he first imagined. After bravely sharing his story with the world, he has found an outlet to talk about the pain and others have also spoken up about these traumatic issues with him. Through hurt you find peace and although the scars are there and extremely deep, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders and he is ready for the next step: To help others and join forces with the needy out there that are still dealing with this horrific issue that plagues society.

This is all about letting go of the past and finding a new door to walk through that is healthy for your soul and sets you free. He sings with incredible passion that digs deep within and the story of shedding the unhealthy skin of past issues; is an example to anyone that is struggling with these demons.

Shed (F.T.P.H.)’ from New York’s eJH is the true story of letting the past be the path and to start fresh with a new mindset that won’t bog you down and define you forever.

Through music, we can begin to vent our frustrations that manifests into personal growth so you can move on and help others to be pain-free too. Freedom is what we ultimately want and need, to be truly happy inside.

Stream this excellent single via Spotify and see the story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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