She Had To Go: Tony Ronalds reflects on a relationship from the past on ‘Gone’

With a glance to the past of something that shined so bright when it was around, Tony Ronalds recalls when he went to the bottle to survive the trauma of lost love with his top notch new single ‘Gone‘.

Tony Ronalds is a highly experienced and soulfully aware Sydney, Australia-based, Canada-born indie Pop solo singer-songwriter.

Gone” shares the story of a man realizing too little too late that not all relationships have a fairytale ending.” ~ Tony Ronalds

You feel his memory revert back to the moment when the ex lover left him behind, as he wanted her back but soon moved on anyway after healing his soul up for a while. Featuring an atmospheric beat of desire that is filled with that breathtaking bounce, that puts you into an instantaneously contemplative mood from a door you closed shut before.

Gone‘ from the Sydney-based indie Pop solo artist Tony Ronalds, is the deep story about thinking about a previous relationship which has come and gone, that has your curious heart remembering the moment when it shattered all over the place like misplaced glass. He sings with a real insight and this is a tremendous listen – filled with a story from the past that he has since learnt from – but will never forget.

Hear his new single on Spotify and follow his journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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