Shawn Butzin – Westward Bound: Prodigally Popping Country Blues

If you like your Country with a little added bite, I’d recommend checking out Shawn Butzin’s single Westbound Train. It’s popping, it’s punchy, it’s rolling, it’s rhythmic it’s pretty much perfection.

If you could imagine a cross over of Johnny Cash and the Beatles, you’d get pretty close to imagining the sound of Shawn Butzin and his band of sensationally talented instrumentalists. The melodies contained within their latest single are concordant chaos that don’t fail to treat you to that pure uplifting feeling exuded by any Country outfit worth their salt. Shawn has officially brought Country into the 21st century, his enigmatic vocal offerings which invite you into the soul of the song in a way that very few Americana Country acts can do. The Michigan based singer songwriter has definitely caught our attention with his limitless command over sound, whether he’s creating Country, Ambient or Pop; it’s all high-octane bliss.

To check out the track for yourself, head on over to SoundCloud where you can listen to Shawn Butzin’s single Westward Bound; the track title may be a little generic, but the soundscapes are nothing but pioneering.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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