Shannon Lauren Callihan has released her sublime feat of RnB Soul “Ain’t Got No Money”

Shannon Lauren Callihan has gone right back to the roots of RnB and Soul with her second single “Ain’t Got No Money”.

While you’ll hear plenty of artists selling us the illusion that music is a lucrative endeavour and they’re all living in the lap of luxury, this humbly sublime single is one which can offer resonance to plenty of people. And the lyrical honesty definitely isn’t the only refreshing feat in Ain’t Got No Money.

The cathartically warm soundscape may borrow timeless elements, but the modern stylistic production allows us to appreciate the intricacy and virtuosity of RnB Blues guitar licks with brand-new contemporary appeal.

Shannon Lauren Callihan is undoubtedly one to watch in 2020. Their ability to create relatable soul-filling tracks is unparalleled from what we’ve heard from any Neo-Soul artist this year. Don’t just watch this space. Delve into the accordance and find out for yourselves why this breaking artist has been able to garner such acclaim.

You can check out Shannon Lauren Callihan’s second single for yourselves via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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