Shameless Has Women Trouble

There is a song-song vocal vibe to Shameless’ vocal delivery which immediately evokes classic old-school hip-hop crews such as De La Soul, the same air of wistfulness and whimsy wrapped around life’s realities. The bottom line is that Shameless is having relationship issues, things aren’t quite working out for him and he’s trying to work out if he should stay or go. Whereas some would head to a bar and seek solace in the bottom of a glass and seek the advice of the friendly barman, instead he puts his thoughts and concerns to music.

Overkill is a mid-paced old-school vibes mix with the sound of trippy electronica which is coming to define todays rap music, it tips its hat to the past whilst shaping the future and it does really feel like a first, a bold step forward, a post-genre style that pushes beyond the rules and regulations, ignores the fickle finger of fashion and has no time for musical guardians and narrow-minded pedants telling it what hip-hop, rap, urban dance music or any other genre should be about.

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