Sham Blak delivers high energy soul in his hip hop track, ‘Weather Delay’.

Slip into the old school soul of Sham Blak’s latest hip hop album, D Day Project, which evades gritty tales of gang violence and chooses to explore introspection that is valuable and relatable in equal measure.

Chances are, you’ll hear plenty of your frustrations vented back to you in the 6-track release, but the best introduction to Sham Blak’s sound is the standout track, Weather Delay.

The multi-layered mix carries swathes of texture, from shimmering synth notes to indie guitars to funk basslines to glitchy downtempo hip hop beats; it’s an urban aural rabbit hole that you’ll want to fall into time and time again. The hypnotically ethereal instrumentals prove to be the perfect contrast for Blak’s direct vocals and lyrical wordplay.

D Day Project is now available to stream in full via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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