Seth Charleston – Pop Music With Something For Everyone

The term pop has too long been sullied by production line, throwaway, fashionista dross, but there is another way of doing pop, a way of taking all its trademark melody and immediacy but making it slicker, having it say something, giving it more integrity. That is the sort of pop music that Seth Charleston makes is the sort which it is easy to get behind and use as the argument that pop music can stand its ground as staunchly as the next genre.

Blending elements of acoustic rock, folky deftness and the inherent infectiousness of pop, Life’s A Wave is also an exercise in not over playing the hand. Clean-limbed musical lines, subtly shifting dynamics and a few, minor musical embellishments, which are more than happy to remain unobtrusive, less-is-more details, are all used to construct a song with broad appeal. The popster will warm to its melody, the rock fan its drive and beat, the folkie will appreciate its chiming acoustic soul and everyone will love the heart-warming sentiment. If you have ever wondered how you write music with mass appeal just give this gem a spin.

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