Seeking Attention In The Most Understated Way

For an artist who has chosen the title Attention, this track runs fairly underneath most peoples sonic radar. If you like music which is obvious and bombastic, which panders to the more run of the mill pop urges then this is not for you. If however you want a lesson in emotive minimalism, soulful deliveries and slow burning majesty then I can think of nothing better.

Purpose runs on gentle piano and the most wonderfully vulnerable male voice you have heard in a long time. And even through the song adds textures and layers as it moves from this musical starting point it still manages to retain a smoke like quality, a restraint and an understated deftness. And that is the clever thing, when you break the song down there is a lot going on, distance vocals are just on the edge earshot, pianos play with more atmospheric space than actual notes, beats are intermittent but confident and musical layers wash gently into each other. But it still contains enough room and musical separation that you could drive a bus through the middle of the song and not disturb a single thing. Very clever indeed.

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