Section I.S.A – Stay High: 420-Friendly Hip Hop

While creating a Hip Hop Rap track about getting high isn’t exactly a new or bold move, Section I.S.A’s single “Stay High” still remains as fresh 420 Hip Hop did in the 90’s when Cyprus Hill picked up the mic.

With his debut track the up and coming US-based artist didn’t only centre the lyrics about getting high. He also created the perfect beat to vibe out to after pairing smoothly metered verses with trippy enough beats to let you share the high being versed in the bars.

The multi-layer sound packs in plenty of interstellar mesmerism while the Hip Hop beat adds plenty of bass and structure to the mix which was produced by Ethancx. Section I.S.A certainly set the bar with his first drop, but his singles which dropped in December 2018 will give you two more reasons to want to check out his prodigal take to contemporary Hip Hop.

You can check out Section I.S.A’s debut drop Stay High out for yourselves now by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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