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Mystifying Sounds: DARTH sam / SAMDOE intrigues the mind with ‘The Phonix vol 1’

With a style that is full of wild experiments like a mad scientist in his lab, DARTH sam / SAMDOE is here to entertain with his recently released nine-track album that will have you fascinated called ‘The Phonix vol 1‘.

DARTH sam / SAMDOE is an electronic musician who makes a star-gazing sound that is packed in with various genres, all into one puzzle that has your mind and body into a different space than before. He pushes the boundaries through an art form that has your consciousness in a different world than before.

There are a few tracks to like here and particular ones to listen out for are ‘Slept Child‘, ‘Hot Leg‘ and ‘Makin Soup‘ that come to mind. They are wrapped into a layer of mystique that has you listening extra close, as you try and work out the message through the clues that he gives us all.

The Phonix vol 1‘ from DARTH sam / SAMDOE, is a stirring performance from an artist with a variety of soundscapes throughout this album, as he toys with different ideas and creations to make this a completely unique experience for your ears to embrace.

Stream the full album here on Spotify.

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Can Keep It On The Low: Lifeandthetribe wonders why her crush doesn’t feel the same way on ‘Type’

Through a wondrously alluring amalgamation of jazz, RnB, rock, and pop music all beautifully wrapped together for us to enjoy, Lifeandthetribe starts on her new journey fresh, to bring us the new single that will have you in a reflective daydream called ‘Type‘.

Aisha Barrow aka Lifeandthetribe is a Gambian-born, Hamilton-based indie pop artist who makes that real type of music about life as she sees it, her desire to be successful is paramount and you can feel the passion in each verse that she belts out with ear-soothing results.

She sings with such strength and desire, her smooth vocals lather so elegantly on this catchy beat and tremendous visuals that shows us her mental energy just right.

You feel her confidence in herself, as she tells the story of a person that doesn’t feel the same way at all, even though she feels like they must of heard something from small-minded person, who doesn’t want them to be together. She is willing to keep it quiet for a while, but wants them to be real and show who they really are inside, without hiding away.

Type‘ from Gambian-born, Hamilton-based pop singer-songwriter Lifeandthetribe, is a pulsating journey to finding out why they aren’t interested like you are, as you know that you are good enough and your self-worth is shining bright, so they are definitely going to miss out.

See the music video on YouTube and find our more about this fascinating artist on her IG.

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Take It Slow: Toronto producer Lostboyjay asks her to listen closely to the real story on ‘Ego Trips’

With that tree blaze always real close by to consume brightly, Lostboyjay wonders why she has so many stamps on her ‘Ego Trips‘, that is currently ruining the mellow vibe he wants to create.

Lostboyjay is an exciting Toronto, Canada-based RnB/trap-fueled artist/producer, with a creative knack of making snack-filled beats that satisfies your stomach and your hungry soul.

He likes to fuse a soundscape that is influenced by Bryson Tiller, Kanye West and Travis Scott, however you feel that he likes to do things his own way and his original style flows in smoothly with the lighter on hand, as the lights dim real low.

With his sensually appealing voice that is tracked on an attractive beat so alluring you might need to light another candle, we are whisked into a busy world where things can get twisted really quickly sometimes. The story of wanting her to listen closer is shown vividly through the speakers smokey exterior, as the selfie world can change a persons perspective about themselves way too quickly.

Ego Trips‘ from the promising Canadian producer/trap artist Lostboyjay, finds him sending us on a journey to find what he is truly looking for, only wishing that she would come down from her high horse so he could explain what he really meant in the first place.

Stream this fresh track on Spotify and see his IG for more info.

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Put It On Me: Emezzy has us all blushing on ‘Body’ (ft. Michael I-Zayah and Shaleowill)

Taken off the latest two-track EP called ‘AQUARIUS‘, Emezzy returns with the supremely sensual new single all about seeing that special one you can’t resist for another moment called ‘Body(ft. Michael I-Zayah and Shaleowill).

Nnaemeka Keke aka Emezzy is a top shelf Nigerian/American rapper and singer, who carefully combines his music skills to make soundscapes that has you dancing and turning up the volume, all night long.

The busty beat has a party sound to it, as the smooth vocals flow into your eager mind as the descriptive lyrics tell you exactly what the plan of action is for the evening. You feel the love energy around you real close, as the attraction starts to get more intense, their bodies are locked in together and the night is only just getting started.

Body‘ (ft. Michael I-Zayah and Shaleowill) from the Nigerian/American rapper/singer, leads us into a story of attraction, as you want to be with them so badly — as the glint of the eye leads you in — to see if there is indeed a connection.

Stream this new track on Spotify and see more on his IG.

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Searching For The One: Phil Mitchell Band bring us something real to hold onto with ‘My Love is True’

Taken off their much-anticipated fourth album called ‘A Better World‘, Phil Mitchell Band return with the lovely new single about that beating heart on ‘My Love is True’.

Phil Mitchell Band are an entertaining Chicago, Illinois-based indie-pop act, who formulate that real heart-warming music and features Alvaro Soto on lead guitar with a fine team of various talented singers.

With a story about finding the one no matter what obstacles get in your way, you feel like you have jumped into a time machine and landed in the 80’s, when life was a lot more simple. This is a sweet story full of positive energy, that feels like it is wrapped around you in a caring bow.

The stunning vocals give you a massive hug and you feel happier inside that healing heart that needs all the goodness in the world, after a horrific year that has questioned all of our beliefs.

My Love is True‘ from Chicago’s well-liked Phil Mitchell Band, is a sweet story full of loving vocals and striking lyrics, that captures your heart and makes you feel like it is possible to find that right person on your path to self-enlightenment. That ever-lasting love is the key to unlocking all of your dreams after all.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on their Facebook music page.

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Where To Go: North London’s RahThatsMad and F.R.E.Y.A navigate the wild world of new age dating on the stunning ‘I Don’t Know’

As they try and work out the best way to proceed with a quick-swipe world before them, RahThatsMad and F.R.E.Y.A show us how unnecessarily confusing people can be for no reason on ‘I Don’t Know‘.

RahThatsMad is a talented hip-hop artist and songwriter based in North London, who makes music that shows us his relaxed style to life and his determination to make something of his talents. He joins forces with his best friend F.R.E.Y.A, a soulful London-based RnB/pop singer/student, who performs with a free spirited style, a smile on her face and a sweet style that shows us her wonderful spirit, that flows beautifully into this catchy track.

His raps are confident and honest, mixed with a catchy beat that has you listening closely. When you then have a supremely honey-tipped vocalist added in, who sings about how some people are full of stories and no facts — all becomes cleared up in your heart and the mixture is tremendously satisfying to the music palate within — that yearns for more soundscapes like this.

The modern dating world is tough at the best of times, as this excellent songs relates to so many that go through this when they are brave enough to take the chance, rather than meeting someone through mutual friends. The rush and excitement seeps into your mind to ultimate temptation at times, if you let it inside you. Some people talk in riddles, as you just want clarity, so you know what’s going on, without being placed in a puzzle you would rather not be involved in.

I Don’t Know‘ from London rapper RahThatsMad and vocalist F.R.E.Y.A, is a true look into the story of modern life, as we are told to look into a dark world with so many undesirable corners, when that old school spontaneous meeting is actually the best remedy after all.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see their journey on IG.

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You’re On My Mind: Xander London dreams of sunsets with her on ‘Missing Malibu’

As he soothes all distractions around with a divine beat that has you thinking about summer, Xander London reflects on the girl he can’t stop daydreaming about as he is ‘Missing Malibu‘.

Xander London is a determined Albany, New York-based indie electro-RnB singer-songwriter, engineer and music producer, who makes that sunny music, that has your mind in a good place and your head nodding in approval of this quality single.

He sings with such meaning and heartfelt desire, as the sweet memory of her glowing eyes and supermodel body is so close to you, even if she is far way right now and you don’t know if you will meet for a while.

The beat is easy and breezy, with a sunflower in her ear as you think of her constantly and your brain is hypnotized by the perfection, as you hope that she will come back to be with you.

Missing Malibu‘ from the self-motivated Albany producer/musician Xander London, leads you into the world of love that shines from the pool as you imagine being together with her again. Things didn’t work out the way you wanted, but you will always have her in your mind with a chance to be close again, if the stars align like you want them to.

Stream this fine new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

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Cool Me Down: Noa Azazel refuses to be tied down on ‘You Don’t Even Know Me’

With his curly long hair flowing majestically as the towering wind blows behind his back while he lights one up, Noa Azazel further cements his growing independence with a rocking new single full of stories of doing things his way on ‘You Don’t Even Know Me‘.

Noa Azazel is a mysterious Danish indie rock solo artist, who sings with an honest tone about how he sees life. This is a musician who performs from the heart and doesn’t let anyone else dictate his movements.

This is the story about doing things you feel are right no matter what as to never get hurt again, his strong voice and attitude shows us through this edgy track, full of lines and smoke-filled visions, as he showcases his ability with a memorable performance on this speedy single.

You Don’t Even Know Me‘ from the forthright Denmark-based indie rock musician Noa Azazel, is that rebellious track that underscores his journey to finding true meaning in his heart. With a likable vocal ability and lots of honest lyrics that so many can relate to in this wild times. He is a young man with potential oozing from his soul, if he can find the right lane to ride through.

Stream this new track on Spotify and see his story on IG.

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I’ll Take Control: Toronto’s Paper Eros sends us a saucy message of desire with ‘Love Sex Sin’

With a wild side that will leave many either feeling uncomfortable or fascinated, Paper Eros are back with a heat-filled new single about exploration on ‘Love Sex Sin‘.

Paper Eros is a sensual Toronto, Canada-based indie alt-pop act that strive to teach us more about the relationship between domination and submission, pain and comfort, whilst also singing about reality and fantasy.

”We wanted to create a disjointed, rough, yet danceable track that was unapologetically designed for sexual liberation.”- Paper Eros

This is the blindfold type of song that has your mind full of imagination, as he sings with no inhibitions at all, the words are to the point, with the beat pulsating through your veins and to your whole body.

The beat has thinking about your deepest desires, with the safe word discussed before, your eyes locked onto each other as the night starts to heat up quickly.

Love Sex Sin‘ from Toronto’s alt-pop act Paper Eros, is a journey to the dim-lit bedroom in your mind, where your imagination takes over through a rush of passion from a song that certainly has your attention.

Hear this steamy new single on Spotify and see their IG for more news.

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The Nights Feel Long: Soulful London-based singer Essosa searches for that true place that feels like home on ‘Belong’

Yearning for that true place that she feels comfortable inside, Essosa sings with so much class and promise, on the excellent lead single from her upcoming EP called ‘Belong‘.

Essosa is an East London-born, Toronto, Canada-raised dancer and neo-soul/RnB singer-songwriter who has that rare type of voice that will make you shiver in your spine.

Her crystal clean tone has you gazing outside the dusty window, wondering when you will find that elusive soulmate who you desire so much to stay warm with.

This is the story about feeling like you are in the wrong place in time, everything feels off and you can’t quite put your finger on it. You have been trying to get out there but are feeling despondent and people forget you too quickly. The world is moving so fast but you are an old soul who loves authenticity, rather than fake conversations about nothing.

She sings with such grace as she opens the snowed under window to let us inside — the freezing temperatures have her mood in a sad state of affairs — as she wonders if things will change around, so she can feel real love again.

Belong‘ from enchanting London neo-soul/RnB singer-songwriter and dancer Essosa, is that incredible real single that is too common in this socially distanced world. Life does indeed feel lonely and cold when you feel like you don’t belong, as you look for your tribe, that truly get you.

Stream this smoothly delivered track on Spotify and check out her IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen