Seamanship Meets Electronic Craftsmanship

Chet Bucke, has released a new single titled “Seamanship,” a heartfelt electronic ballad full of remorseful melodies and lyrics giving way to an anthem-like-chorus.  It’s certainly the kind of song that gives way to the mind’s visual, as it is easily a very “cinematic” sound. Apparently, this chap is from the Basque region of Spain, which I would not have guessed considering his nearly perfectly sung English lyrics.

Instrumentally, the song is fairly simple – with sparse electronic guitar parts, some piano, pads, and of course pulsating electronic drums. Interestingly enough, though, the song is not hyper dependent on the percussive lines, the way that a lot of Trap-driven rhythmic lines are. Rather, Mr. Bucke leaves a lot of empty and dare I say, meditative space, for the vocals to shine, doing what they do best: melody. It’s quite a novelty in a way, that the song’s breadth of space is in, and of itself rather original. Where a lot of modern songwriters and producers are trying to recreate formulas that work for other hits, it seems that Chet Bucke has given over to what works for him in his creative pursuits – which is rather admirable.

Chet seems equally happy to have a variety of styles in his music, as there is another song on his Spotify featuring a genre-defying style from the first. If listeners enjoyed “Seamanship,” then listening to “Leaving (Marie)” will be equally satisfying.

Lastly, he can be found on Instagram here:

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