Scotland’s The Plastic Era make debut with dark-pop song ”Rid of Me”

The Plastic Era is the brainchild of Charlie Rees who is a Scottish solo artist and drummer for the metal band Cerberon. ”Rid Of Me” is the name of the debut release from this new band and this is a thought-provoking track.

Currently staying in Stirling after being born in Falkirk, The Plastic Era are a vibrant act that delve into a hectic subject. Breakups are never pleasant and this can lead to us doing things we normally wouldn’t do. This song is all about wanting to stay with that person and to avoid breaking up with them. This however is not natural and sometimes things are just meant to end.

Rid Of Me” is a dark song and the video below will attest to that. The Scottish act The Plastic Era show lots of passion for this indie track that is full of twists and turns.

See the video and twist right here on YouTube.

Here is the link to hear the new track on SoundCloud.

Click here to see how the new band is getting on via Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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