Schribe – Found You: Lucidly Psychedelic Indie

“Found You” is the smoothly psychedelic Indie single from Schribe’s debut EP ‘theINBETWEEN’. With the lush layers of reverb, the melodies are as lucid as they are haunting. Whilst that should be a contradiction, it’s clear that Scribe has an experimentally pioneering approach to recreating the soundscapes we’ve all known to come and love from bands such as the Beatles by putting a progressive spin on the timeless sound.

Found You, like the other 5 tracks on the EP don’t come across as being written for commercial appeal. Instead, the expressionism which is found in the concordant harmonies of the track speaks volumes of Schribe’s creatively prodigal flair which deconstructs archetypal sound and creates dreamily fluid works of mesmeric appeal. With vocals as easy to listen to as breathing and the deep narrative introspection found in the lyrics to the music, it’s clear that Schribe’s sound doesn’t belong on the underground.

You can check out Schribe’s latest single Found You by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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