Sarah Thiele – Human: Twists of Electric Cacophony around Pure Pop-Rock Harmony

Folk Singer-Songwriter Sarah Thiele has just dropped her heart-wrenchingly bewitching new Pop Rock track Human, and I’m not sure I’ll ever get over it. I’m no stranger to veraciously empowering tracks, yet with Human, the connection to the message to the track was on a completely different level.

Sarah Thiele’s huskily dominant yet soft vocals perfectly portray the passion contained in the lyrics, not one syllable lingers in the superficial. All of that is before you get to the poignantly orchestrated composition of sound created. From soaring guitar riffs, to a pensive blast of pianist perfection it has it all.

Human is a rare track where you’re delighted by the extended duration of the song, as it progressively twists through its electric cacophonies of sound.
When you get to the finale of the track it’s hard to place your emotion against where it stood before you first checked out the track. Sarah Thiele’s sound puts other Pop-Rock artists to shame with her palpable purity and veracious energy.

You can check out Human which was first released in February 2018 on SoundCloud

Sarah Thiele’s album Built Like the Sun is also available to download through her website

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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