SAR Releases Fresh Track “Gully Girl”


SAR is a young British rapper with a sound that is fresh and enjoyable to listen to with an underlying cool attitude. In his latest release “Gully Girl” he delivers a song that features a great balance between rap verses and slightly more melodic choruses while also keeping a steady flow, clear pronunciation and a solid beat. Furthermore, the music video that accompanies the song goes really well with the music and lyrics while also displaying a soft feminine sensuality that portrays the imagery of “Gully Girl” sensibly.

Starting off the song is the gradual development of instrumentation into the main beat which results in a punchy groove that carries you along while also enhancing the effectivity of the lyric rhythm. As the pre-chorus and chorus unfold it is interesting to hear some melodic aspects emerging and this makes the song even more memorable and well crafted. The vocal delivery remains steady and on point throughout, without becoming monotonous or unintelligible, and the rhythmic variations between the verses and choruses adds more dimension and character to the song as well. Throughout the whole three minutes SAR shows that he’s definitely on the right track, creating material that is enjoyable to listen to and fresh! Check it out !

Sarah Marie Bugeja

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