Santi Castro showed us the depth of his affectionate introspection with his indie RnB pop track, Best I Can Do

Since making his debut two years ago, the Richmond, US-hailing indie RnB pop artist, Santi Castro, has consistently proven to be the total package. With lyrics that reel you in as much as the juicy choral indie hooks and the sweet soulful sincerity in the harmonies, his single, Best I Can Do, is the perfect introduction.

Thanks to the finesse in the lyrics “I would give you answers even where your questions felt playing lost and found”, “I’ve been looking for you in all these other women but they don’t have a heart like you” Castro transcends the usual cliché tropes and affirms that this track came straight from the soul. Lyrical poetry like this doesn’t come cheap.

You can delve into Best I Can Do yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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