Sandra Grace has dropped her latest hyper-pop hit, Got 2B Famous.

Sandra Grace

‘Got 2B Famous’ is the latest flawless hyper pop track by the breaking artist Sandra Grace; the low growling bass guitar rumbles against the light, euphoria-instilled beats create the perfect platform for Grace’s effortlessly emotive vocals that pull you in from the very first vocal note.

With her arrestingly unique style, any and all pop icon reminiscence is fleeting. The Ukrainian-born, US-based singer-songwriter has been writing songs for a form of catharsis since the age of 13; discernibly, she had perfected the pop formula by the time she made her debut with her single, Hotel, in 2019.

Got 2B Famous will be available on all major platforms from November 5th. Check out Sandra Grace on her official website, Instagram and Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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