A.Sanchez Releases Latin Infused Track “No Quiero Despertar”

Music in the modern world is a wonderful blend of cross cultural interaction, a mixing of geographical location and heritage, and as the world becomes a smaller place and people become ever more fluid in where life takes them, those musical mixes become ever more interesting and diverse. A Sanchez is the perfect example of this. Raised on a combination of Latin traditions and rock hits he began exploring all manner of musical styles and eventually obtained a degree in sound engineering.

The music he makes reflects the diversity of the modern musician and whilst it bristles with the  spice and groove of southern climes, there is also the bristle of the urban backdrop to be found in its harder rap-edged deliveries and the electronic motifs which sit side by side with the more usual South American sounds. No Quiero Desperatar is the perfect song to represent the modern musical world, a wonderful mix of tradition and modernity, of iconic sounds grooves and cutting edge musicality, of geographical blending and of heading into a whole new and very bright creative future. I looks like music is in a pair of very safe hands.

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