San Francisco’s Kiani Alexandra drops new track with sparks flying on ”All Talk”

San Francisco, California is the home of new kid on the block Kiani Alexandra who is a Pop/R&B artist. This fantastic and dynamite singer is back with her new song called ”All Talk”.

The message here is that Kiani doesn’t want to be alone but isn’t allowing herself to be played by anyone again. This young singer shows maturity on her new track and this is a very pleasurable listen. Some people are all talk and Kiani drops the mic while throwing shade at anyone who doesn’t get her vibe.

All Talk” is a terrific new track and I really like Kiani’s voice. This feels like a growing artist with a massive future. The California based singer-songwriter heats up the speakers here with her real talk. This is a musician that is only going to improve as her confidence grows and grows.

Stream on Spotify right now to enjoy this song.

Find out more about live shows and Kiani’s journey via her Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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