SAMMAY – Full Moon: Jazz Soaked Eclectic EDM Pop

When the opening first ten seconds of a track pull at your heart strings, you know you’ve just stumbled upon absolute aural gold. SAMMAY’s latest single Full Moon has pretty much the same draw on your emotions that the moon has on the tide. When music is almost too compelling to dissect it can make it impossible to encapsulate such an ethereal, soulful sound in any way in which would do it justice; but I’ll give it a go. Right the way through SAMMAY’s latest track, you’re drawn further into the track with each pensively exuberant word which is soulfully projected into the mic. The lyrics contain that beautiful sense of female empowerment that is always quenching to drink in and then there’s the beat. The Jazz soaked, eclectic, vibrant, resounding beat which quite literally sends icy spears through your stomach. Even the production of Full Moon is resoundingly flawless, every level sits at the perfect pitch to allow you to soak up every pop and thrash of the melody.

You can check out SAMMAY’s first ever single Full Moon on Spotify; if you don’t feel anything after listening to that, I can only assume that you’re dead inside.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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