Samana Rising – Dizzy: Female Fronted High-Octane Hard Rock

Men may dominate the Hard Rock scene, yet Samana Rising proves that women can hold their own in the Rock Arena in a way that should leave her male counterparts audibly quaking.

The vocalist’s ethereally raw vocals are captivating from the first verse in her band’s latest release.  Hanne Sivertsen does what many Hard Rock vocalists forget to do and injects soul into the vocals. Which isn’t all too difficult when the lyrics are as empowering and visceral as the ones contained in the band’s latest single Dizzy.

Even the biggest metal snobs wouldn’t be able to find fault with the tight progression of the track which packs in plenty of hard-hitting melodies and provocatively grinding guitar riffs. In short, it’s a masterpiece of a track which you’d have a hard time comparing to any other contemporary act on the scene to date. You don’t hear vocals like that every day, especially not ones that sit so perfectly with the high-octane synergy of the instrumentals.

You can check out Samana Rising’s latest single Dizzy for yourselves from August 10th, 2018 via their SoundCloud page.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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