Sam Saint Jones – You: Dive into Some Psychedelic Indie Swamp

Sam Saint Jones track “You” helped me to forget everything that I thought I knew about music.

His sound can’t be confined to a genre, it’s much more of a feeling, and experience that you’re dragged along on through the power of his Swampy Psychedelic love song. The soothing sound guides you through the arrangements that lead you into warmth and uncertainty as the track unfurls in a Shoegaze way, that Mercury Rev, Slowdive & My Bloody Valentine would be proud of. The reverberation on the instrumentals is resonant and reflective which set the perfect stage for the melancholic flow of the vocals to create a cacophony of ambience.

The Sydney, Australia based artist defines style as Indie Swamp, Psychedelic, but that doesn’t even come close to hitting the nail on the head of this awesome instrumental mix, that’s been painstakingly polished after the heavy production.

Jones doesn’t have to tell you that his heart and soul went into this track, you can feel it through the sonorous vibe.

If you discover one more artist in 2017, make it Sam Saint Jones, check out his debut track You using the SoundCloud link below:

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