Sam-r shows up with strong and smart rap chops on new track Mine

Toronto-based rapper and hip-hop artist Sam-r has released new track ‘Mine’. 

Originally hailing from Syria, this Toronto based rapper doesn’t provide the typical kinds of sounds you’d associate with the Toronto scene – instead his style is much closer to the likes of Kota the Friend over the likes of Tory Lanez. And with the release of ‘Mine’, Sam-r comes strong with his delivery and is able to swerve effortlessly between multi-syllabic inter rhymes to staccato hits on the beat to provide an impeccably strong piece of conscious work with a bounce that helps it feel modern, fresh and enjoyable. 

If you’re a fan or independent, streetwise hip-hop with intelligent overtures and production that doesn’t overpower the content – Sam-r’s ‘Mine’ should definitely be on your new release hip-hop playlist.

You can check out ‘Mine’ on Sam-r’s Spotify page here.

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