Sam Keenan – Close: Hauntingly Pensive Lo Fi Indie

For some, the Lo Fi sound can be off putting, for me, it’s compelling, it’s raw, it lets the natural tones of the sound spill through the bleeding soundwaves in an infinitely more resonate way.

The soundscape to Sam Keenan’s latest single Close was just as evocative as the pensively penned lyrics in the haunting Indie track which was bordering on Shoegaze through the stunningly composed instrumentals. The wavering sounds succinctly progressed in the background under Sam Keenan’s frankly stunning voice. The amount of melody brings Close to a whole new level, if you could imagine a more indie approach to bands such as Warpaint and London Grammar, you’d get close to imagining the dreamy yet chilling soundscapes which Sam Keenan creates. Considering Close was the first track that Sam Keenan has put out to date, it’s hard not to be bowled over by his stylistically pensive sound, he’s stamped down his unique style with just one track. I already can’t wait for the second.

You can check out Sam Keenan’s latest single Close on SoundCloud now, while you’re at it, give him a like on Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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