Salty Kisses: Swedish singer-songwriter BAELI remembers that incredible ‘Taste’ she desires forever

After singing so sweetly and with much undeniable grace on ‘Both Of Us‘ from June this year, BAELI recalls those amazing memories that she wishes there was much more of with ‘Taste‘.

Linnéa Bäcklund aka BAELI, is a stunning indie-pop singer-songwriter from Boden, who now calls the West Coast of Sweden her cozy home. She is songwriter for Moonbase Music, and is also making beautiful waves due to her return to her own music career after a three year involuntary break.

This is the story of being in the moment as your mind takes you to a time when everything slowed up like you were in a movie, as your lips couldn’t get enough of that sweet connection. BAELI has a rare ability of making you feel like you are there with her – each lyrics is so descriptively created with a sensational vocal ability – that has your heart beating so much faster than before.

Taste‘ from the superb Swedish indie-pop singer-songwriter BAELI, is that fresh new single which has you in such a wonderful daydream, as you go back in your time machine memory and recall that moment you can’t ever forget. You felt a kiss that was so good that you got a second taste, and wonder why it seems so far away now.

Sung with a real class and undisputed elegance from a truly excellent artist, this is that alluring romantic single that puts you into a happy place of reflection, that seems so far away from whatever is going on in your life right now.

Hear this new kiss-filled release on Spotify and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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