Sadie Jemmett Offers Quaintly Candid Concordance with Latest Single “Don’t Silence Me”

“Don’t Silence Me” is the mesmeric latest single from up and coming singer songwriter Sadie Jemmett which puts a fresh feminine spin on the Rockabilly soundscape. Even though there is plenty of energy poured into the singles by the acoustic instrumental arrangement the single keeps its concordance throughout. Not every vocalist has the ability to keep the perfect balance between quaint and powerful, but Sadie Jemmett managed it with palpable ease with the raw, candid nature of the lyrics to Don’t Silence Me.

While the haunting wails of the organ brushed against the upbeat guitar progressions a perfect sense of archaic rhythm was conjured, but no other element of the track has the ability to arrest you as much as Sadie Jemmett’s vocals which resonate with distinction.

You can check out Sadie Jemmett’s latest single Don’t Silence Me for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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