Sacramento’s ‘Die Criminal’ Alt Rocks kicks down the door with catchy ‘’On My Own’’ ft Dan Marsala

I’m done/ Biting my own tongue / These words need to be said and my mouth is full of blood. Quite a descriptive start to the song and a warning of things to come. Life is never easy and you need to pick your battles. 

With Dan from Story Of The Year shredding on this one, the solo project of Wiley Johnson; ‘Die Criminal’ is powerfully delivered with vocals, drums and guitar. This song has lots of angst, energy and would rip through a live show and shatter any weak windows around.

‘Die Criminal’ is a brand new project and has only been around for a few months. This is awesome music, super Alt Rock and has the sound to be very popular. With such a professional sound, this is a polished act that deserves more love.

Stream more from ‘Die Criminal’ right here on his SoundCloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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