sā·lō – Run: Palpably Pioneering Indie Pop

sā·lō’s latest track Run is a sonorous Indie hit thanks to the combination of heart wrenching vocals and lyrics that add insult to injury. The ingenuity that went into the track is simply astounding, whilst the Lo-Fi sound may not to be everyone’s taste, I can never resist the charms of the reverberation that hang over beats and guitar riffs to create the perfect resonance. Which is exactly what the underground artist achieved with his debut release. The power of the passion that lingers in sā·lō’s indie pop is not something to underestimate. What perfectly rounds his latest track Run off for me was the soaring Soul guitar riff that followed the chorus, it mixes up the track, and shows just how serious sā·lō is as an artist.

The Canadian artist set out to make original music under his array of influences from different genres, he’s hit the nail on the head with his palpably pioneering Indie Pop. This track is universally lovable, whether you’re a Taylor Swift, The XX, Editors or Alex Cameron fan, you’re going to need to check it out.

Check out sā·lō’s Indie Pop masterpiece on Soundcloud using the link below:


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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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