S.O.S – The ghost of pop yet to come?

Like A Flower is also a wonderful blend of genres and eras, styles and stances. It is reminiscent of a number of  90’s pop divas, toys with dreamier pop sounds, ambient electronica and chilled dance beats and it also speaks to the earlier blues singers and soul stars that those artists were referencing and updating. But it also looks to the future, this is pop music walking into a bright new sunrise, changing the game as it goes, reinventing the genre and infusing it with blues and soul, electronica and dreaming soundscapes.

Commercial success is not something that should be sought ahead of creativity, but stumbling over it on your way to writing the opening paragraph of a whole new chapter in the history of music is a very happy accident. This is what is happening here, the industry just needs to remove its blinkers and see this song for what it is. Pop it may be but a whole new take on the idea of pop too.

As the music industry wanders further into a music by numbers situation, using templates that provide more of the same to catch the pop fan dollar, the rise of such brilliant blends of cutting edge pop and old school integrity, of artists who understand the long game and the cyclical nature of music, rather than the knee jerk reaction to this weeks fashion are the only real way forward. Welcome to a glimpse of the future.

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