Rylic Zander releases a thrilling and awesome new single – Drive

This song has that underground soundtrack that’s capable to hold you asway for a long time. It’s surely that type of song that one can easily get addicted to. Rylic’s deep personal lyrics keep the feel of underground music nihilism at bay.

This song in all ramifications is capable to revoke the feeling of underground music artist being perceived as a canal boat. This is the type of song that encourages people who’re really more steadfast in moving along in progression notwithstanding the fervent tide that comes along with growing and supporting the up-and-coming music artists who actually have something unique and special to offer the industry.

Drive is a song that’s carefully constructed with neither its rawness nor originality being hampered in any way. It’s a dynamic track just as the artist himself.

The beat of the music is mildly cool but could have been heightened and tightened a little bit more to balance the few deficiencies that are particularly experienced on the sound quality.

The flow, the lyrics and everything is all well put and top notch. Overall it’s a pretty decent rap song music that won’t take time before it becomes your favourite new hip-hop mantra.

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