Ryan Xo – Better Life: Meet the Artist That Makes Mixing Hip Hop Sound Like Child’s Play

If you’re looking to soak up some new Hip Hop sounds in 2018, look no further than Ryan Xo’s brand-new hit Better Life.  His soulful lyrical flow and humble narratives in his music make Ryan Xo an instantly loveable urban artist, his R&B styling is pounding and palpably pleasing, how he managed to pack such raw elemental sound into a mid-tempo track is beyond me. His production skills set him apart from pretty much every other Hip Hop artist on the underground today. Unlike many urban artists, Atlanta based soul singer and rapper doesn’t stay stagnant in just one genre, he (quite literally) mixes it up, incorporating everything from Alt Rock to Pop into his music to create something that will undoubtedly guarantee Ryan Xo a quick ascension to notoriety.

Better Life is the ultimate feel good anthem that will abscond even the deepest of January blues. The single will be available to pre-order from January 19th, 2018, but in the mean-time, you can check out Better life on SoundCloud using the link below:


Stay up to date with all of his latest music ventures by following Ryan Xo on Facebook:


Review by Amelia Vandergast

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