RVANA SHMATA – Well Hello: Raw Noise Rock

There’s urgency in RVANA SHMATA’s music, an element that many could argue that’s missing from a lot of rock bands these days. Or maybe, it’s like Keith Richards said in his documentary on Netflix: “Rock n’ Roll abandoned Roll and became just Rock”.

“Well Hello” is a song that marginally, could be described as noise rock. The most distinguished element on this track is the suffocating atmosphere the drums are creating. I enjoy how the almost out of tune bass guitar is scratching my skin and the electric guitar which while it appears to be the most buried instrument in the production, however somehow it all works fine resulting in a tight sound. If your favourite part in a rock band is the rhythm section, I guess. As for the singing, on the clean parts, it sounds alright and when it’s time for some growling they sound even better.

This is a raw composition, regardless it doesn’t feel like it is pointless nor like it is lacking purpose. On the contrary, in this song I listen to a band that has an identity.

Listen to “Well Hello” on their Soundcloud page.

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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