Run Over Dogs has dropped ‘G0t W0rse / All G0ne’

Run Over Dogs has released single ‘G0t W0rse / All G0ne’ an eerie and mysterious piece with many Rock elements.

Starting off with the pluck of the strings, adding in that electric riff as the vocals come in, in a rather low-pitched gravelly sound as they tend to become distorted and they begin to really hit the high notes and the pitch heightens as it begins to fade in and out.

Having that rough texture on the vocals keeping the pitch at that same low volume throughout, making sure to still continue to have that steady flow between the vocals and the instrumentation.

The instrumentals begin to cut through whilst having this static effect added to them that continues through as the clasp of the electric guitar strings play over the top with that same style of instrumentation playing till the end as it begins to fade out slowly.

Listen to Run Over Dogs G0t W0rse / All G0ne by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Karley Myall

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