RT releases debut single; Gunz and Roses Ft. Ceize

When the feeling is right, the music goes a little bit overboard to take absolute control, and in that moment the beat becomes hallucinogen. This song will leave you with such feeling when you listen to it.

Anyways, with the right talent, attitude & character, success becomes inevitable. This song is a perfect example of what you might wanna call “The-Right Banger-For-The-Moment”. RT (Real Time) has been surrounded by a massive genre encompassing range of music whilst growing up, and he brought all those influences together on his debut album; ‘Rated RT’.

Gunz and Roses Ft. Ceize is the first single from his upcoming album and RT’s debut single.

Trust me; you’ll be splashed by a strawberry avalanche on this one – right from the very first seconds you hit that ‘Press Play’.

If after your first 15 seconds of taking a listen to this song and you still didn’t smell some sort of sprinkled afro-pop icing on this cake over here, then you definitely haven’t been acquainted to that special kind of sound that comes from the east-side. There’s this sensational feeling and vibe that comes with music with such pedigree, you just can’t help but love it.

Just imagine what a song by Nonso Amadi will sound like when Emmy-G makes a cover of the song in a cool afternoon studio session. Now that’s how you’ll get something very similar to ‘Gunz and Roses’.

This artist is evidently so talented and to even think that he’s got a good taste for dope beat makes this song more spectacular. RT cites Bob Marley, Jay-Z, Notorious BIG and 2Pac as his idols and biggest inspirations in forging his own unique music career.

The title Gunz and Roses contains its own connotations, the song itself is about the “Yin and Yang” of life. Taking inspiration from the legendary Rock band of the same name, “Gunz” refers to the negatives in life (hate, war and violence) however “Roses” signifies love, nature and growth, all the positives in the world.

The melodious hook of the song is enticing and very beautiful. The rap style, the lyricism, the flows and the rhyme are all double checked. This song is an incredible creative piece that could subtly pass as a new success mantra. Nice piece of work here from RT. I look forward to seeing more of his work.

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