Rosie J – Put on a Show: Cathartically Ethereal EDM Pop

Orlando, US based EDM Dance artist has just released her debut single Put on a Show, it’s safe to say that the electronically inclined did just that with her single. The violin strings around the minimalist intro set a cathartic state of bliss before the track kicked into full tempo.

The folkish mash-up of the Indie Electronica Pop vibes creates a diverse mix that I have no doubt will be internationally adored. Her fractured yet domineeringly empowering vocal abilities created a flawless track which allowed Rosie J to stamp down her own pioneering approach to sound. If you could imagine London Grammar with a little more attitude you’d get close to having an idea of how spectacular Put on a Show is as a debut single.

If you’re looking for an ethereally melodic Indie EDM Pop track you can check out Rosie J’s first single Put on a Show on SoundCloud now. I have the feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more from Rosie J in the future.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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